Huge Tits 140cm Real Love Doll
Mature Dutch Wife Big Ass Woman

ICHIKAWA Akiko 140cm Love Doll Girls Toning Big Butt Huge Tits

PRICE 170,000 yen (tax included)

Skin color option required

white skin
wheat skin

Eyeball color required


Bust type required

jelly chest

Areola size required

5cm or more

Areola color required

light brown
dark brown

Vagina color required

light brown
dark brown

underhair required

Yes [+2,500 yen]

Hole type required


Self-reliance processing required

No self-reliance
Self-standing processing [+3,000 yen]

Shoulder joint required

Movable [+3,000 yen]

Knee joint required

Movable [+3,000 yen]

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【3 holes and 4 functions】

Open holes in the business, chitsu, and anals to enjoy four functions, including the sex simulator family chest. It is designed to mimic a real woman. The vagina is elastic and pleasures come like a wave from the following:

[About packing]

The item comes in strict packagin realdoll eu g, so I don't know what's inside from the men love doll outside. Please understand with strict packaging in consideration of privacy.

【Structure of Love Doll】

◎ Whether it's practical or for viewing, it is our goal to satisfy the r cheap love silicone girl dolls equirements of our customers.
◎ The practicality of the love doll: The love doll with three holes (anus, vagina, mouth) can enjoy four ways to enter. Anal Sex real anime sex , Oral Sex, Titisli, Normal Sex.
◎The hall was made using 4D technology. We were able to simulate, design, and manufac silicone love silicone girl dolls manufacturer ture the structure of a woman's vagina, mouth, and anal. The hole has plenty of elasticity. The body of the Love Doll is made of premium TPE, shine like real girl skin, smooth, fluffy and very posable sex doll comfortable to hold.
◎ The appreciation of the love doll. Our love doll has a bu top robots ilt-in whole metal skeleton and has a thick wire up to the fingertips, so you can pose a variety of poses. The design is also cute, and sex droid it is very healed after hard work, such as retrofit play, taking photos, bed-sharing, etc.


T140 B75 W45 H75 A Cup

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T145 B75 W45 H75 E Cup

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T170 B98 W62 H109 C Cup

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T145 B75 W45 H75 C cup

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T165 B98 W62 H109 B cup

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T146 B75 W45 H75 B cup

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T161 B88 W55 H86 H Cup

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T146 B75 W45 H75 C cup

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T160 B88 W55 H86 D Cu real adult doll p

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T150 B100 W50 H90 A Cup

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5,000 yen or more Free shipping (tax included)

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The price will be paid in advance to the designated account. After the automatic r realistic teen sex silicone girl dolls eply email of the order confirmation, human silicone girl dolls for sale the staff will inform you of the deposit account and the pri real life size silicone girl dolls for men ce by email.

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(*This warranty only supports “unused products”, so please check the product properly when you deliver it.)

*However, some items canno robot sex t be returned or exchanged.


Acceptance possible

Home Pickup/Designated Address Pickup/Convenience Store Pickup/Carrier Office Store/ Post Offi online sim sex ce

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Since the product name of the courier is changed and shipped, the courier does not know the contents. We str adult robot ive for DARLING-DOLL's unique invisible packaging.

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