male blow up doll for women

T160 B88 W55 H86 A Cup

247,000 yen

T161 B87 W48 H38

320,000 yen

T160 B75 W55 H75

185,000 yen

T160 B88 W55 H88

188,000 yen

T150 B88 W41 H86

194,000 yen

T140 B75 W45 H75

176,000 yen

List of love silicone girl dolls for women

Love doll dildo is so soft that it can be bent with one hand. That's why you don't end up being squishy when you insert it.

Perfect for those who are new to use male Dutch Wifs, but want to enjoy the feeling of insertion” or those who are new to harness sex. The tip ha hyper realistic sex doll s a slightly realistic shape, so it is highly recommended for those who want to enjoy a plump insert feeling!

Soft and sticky, but it is highly elastic, so you can insert it now! That's where it will work well. It is not hard to press even when it hits the bare skin, it seems to enjo my sexuality is robots y the feeling of a snug fit.

Put it inside to tighten or loosen it with the power of the vagina, pistons by hand, or twirl to enjoy the stimulation inside...

It's close to the real shape. Of course, you can experience the irregularities when inserted, but the place th myrealsilicone girl dolls at is slightly recessed like the shape of broad beans stimulates you to push it up to wrap your stomach, so male blow up doll deepthroat you can show your feeling deeply.


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