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Article 1 (Definition)
In this Agreement, the following terms are set forth below It shall have a meaning.
1. “Member” means a person who men with male blow up silicone girl dolls has agreed to these terms and registered as a member by the method prescribed by our shop.
2. “Our shop” means DARLING-DOLL.
3. “Service” means all services provided by the Internet shop “DARLING-DOLL” operated by our shop.

Article 2 (Registration of Members)
1.Please register as a member after agreeing to these Terms of U young lady so beautiful doll se.
2. Membership registration must be done by the person who will be a member.
3. Multiple membership registra silicone realistic silicone girl dolls tion using the same email address is not possible.
4) Members shall not disclose, lend, or share passwords registered in the Service to third parties, an robotic sex silicone girl dolls d shall not be known to third part japanese love silicone girl dolls ies Be sure to manage it strictly. Our shop is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this service b american male blow up doll y a third party.

Article 3 (Change of Member Information)
If there is a change in the contents of membership registration, such as the address or play now sex telephone number of the member, click the “Change Member Information” button on the members-only page Please change your registration details.

Article 4 (Member Withdrawal)
If a member wishes to withdraw from membership, please use the “Withdraw” button on the members-only page to cancel the membership. If a member withdraws from membership, life size female doll the Company may void all points held by the Member and delete the registration information from our database.

Article 5 (Modification and Abolition of the Service )
At our discretion, we may change or abolish this service. In addition, our shop shall not be responsible for any damage caused to members due to the change or abolition of this service. fat love silicone girl dolls

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