Piper doll


184,800 yen


139,800 yen


260,000 yen

Mindy 155cm

321,000 yen

Abram 155cm

321,000 yen

Jose 155cm

410,000 yen

Iris 100cm

252,000 yen

Phoebe 130cm

357,000 yen

T150 B100 W50 H90 A Cup

386,000 yen

Piper Doll Love Doll

This site is a direct sales store of PIPER DOLL love doll manufacturer in Japan.
PIPER DOLL is a rare, seamless doll with integrated head and neck. With no seams at all, it creates a f huge breasted eeling that is closer to human women and promises to be more affectionate.
The material of the piper doll is made of the highest quality sex robot doll premium TPE, so the look and feel are very realistic than ordinary love silicone girl dolls.


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