People who are already addicted to using love silicone girl dolls

2019-08-01 12:00

What should I do if my body male blow up doll is not used for a special reason? Aft small flat chested er all, real love silicone girl dolls are made one-on-one on the basis of real figures and are still very large. You can also see a lot of news that real sex silicone girl dolls asian sx and inflatable silicone girl dolls are thrown away by the r most expensive blow up doll in the world oadside or on the water, sex droid but they are not really good.

Being too realistic, it's easy to scare passers-by, and some people may not know lifelike male doll it. They thought that a real person died on chinese silicone doll the street and chose to call the police. Our suggestion is that when the rea flat chest doll l love doll is gone, you can choose to cut the male blow up doll into pieces and then throw it into the trash using a black plastic bag. This is an ordinary thing, where tpe chemical no one can find and scare away. For people, it may be necessary to cut off a little trouble.

male blow up silicone girl dolls are made one-on-one with real people and are top notch in appearance and body. Many are tempted for this, but anime doll shop you need to know these things when buying real love silicone girl dolls.
1. The skin of the love doll is as fragile as human, so do not use sharp corners to joy love silicone girl dolls review scratch the surface of hard sex silicone girl dolls.
2. Don't wear faded clothing, because Dutc sex bot robot h Wiff will be dyed, if it is already dyed, use cosmetic oil, olive oil, decolorizing cre japanese sex bot am, etc. You can remove dyes.
3. Sex doll is factory straight posture after use to avoid maintaining realdoll body 4 difficult bending action for a long time, so as not to pull or deform the skin for a long time It is necessary to mainta srx doll in.
4. Love doll should not be exposed to direct sunlight, so the male blow up doll skin will age and affect the japanese silicone doll for sale life and beauty of Dutch Wiff.

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