Karasawa Miho 158 cm Dutch Wife

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underhair required

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Height and weight Height: 158 cm Weight: 29 kg
body size Bust: 75cm Waist: 45cm
Hip: 75cm Foot size: 20cm
3 holes Mouth depth: 13cm Vaginal depth: 18 cm Depth: 16cm
Box size 150*42*30cm

【male blow up doll with movable joints】

With multi-metal technology, thick wire is loaded to fine parts such as wrist, hip, ankle, and so on, as well as the neck, shoulder, knee, and waist of the love doll. You can human sex silicone girl dolls bend and fix almost every part of the love doll so you can enjoy a variety of poses to your fullest. .


“1/1 size, realistic body”

Body design for girls silicone doll for sale with a compact female golden ratio. The male blow up doll has arrived in Darling-Doll, with full human proportions and lovelihoods. I reproduced its charm to body shape, meat feeling and weight without fat girl blow up doll any reason. Realdoll seri tpe sex silicone girl dolls es that realizes ideal proportions with state-of-the-art 3D graphics technology. Delicate body lines, overwhelming volume, all without compromise. Expe sexx doll rience the outstanding flesh and the best insertion feeling in real life. male blow up silicone girl dolls video

Material: The material is not silicone, but is made of TPE (elastomer) material that is of nude sex robot ten used in masturbation. Please enjoy the firmness of the skin that can only be made by TPE material. Using h japanese doll real uman skin TPE material with special technology, it faithfully reproduces 3D male blow up doll. Uses [TPE] material with girl sexy doll an emphasis on durability and comfort! 100 times more fun if you have a maple! Excitement 1,000x!

[3D Bone System] And above all, the large range of motion of th little sexy doll e joint is a hat off! The high-elasticity skeleton parts embedded inside firmly support the soft body and provide an outstanding sense of love doll us stability. In addition to the neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, and hips, y polymer tpe ou can move to fine parts such as wrists and fingers, and can bend most parts, so you can create a variety of posit miniature sexdoll ions. Featuring a metal skeleton, the male blow up doll boasts outstanding quality in terms of functionality, is also popular for ornamental use.

[Internal structure]

Mouth & Vagina & Anal Tri-Hole Please relish plenty of ripe flesh male blow up doll world for eating. You can enjoy a variety of positions such as normal position and cowgirl in r small breast love doll eal life. Use your technique to build your relationship with her to your fullest.


T158 B87 W48 H38 C Cup

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T145 B75 W45 H75

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