Super Breast Black Skin Sex Doll
Men's Big Butt Authentic Love Doll
166cmclare Obese Dutchweife

clare 166cm Obesity Uniform Love Doll Super Breast

PRICE 275,000 yen (tax included)

Skin color option required

white skin
wheat skin

Eyeball color required


Bust type required

jelly chest

Areola size required

5cm or more

Areola color required

light brown
dark brown

Vagina color required

light brown
dark brown

underhair required

Yes [+2,500 yen]

Hole type required


Self-reliance processing required

No self-reliance
Self-standing processing [+3,000 yen]

Shoulder joint required

Movable [+3,000 yen]

Knee joint required

Movable [+3,000 yen]

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【About male blow up doll】

Made of premium medical TPE an petite sex silicone girl dolls d silicone material, it has a sense of elasticity and elasticity, and can be applied to various sizes of penis. The unique real chinese sexsilicone girl dolls coloring process makes the woman feel smooth and feels like the skin of a woman, realistically expressing the beauty of the female body.

Since the joint has a large range of motion, it can be put into a normal human posture. In addition to the neck, s www realsilicone girl dolls houlders, knees, and hips, thick wires are loaded to fine parts such as wrists, hips, ankles, and so on. The sex doll factory refore, you can bend and fix almost every part, and you can make various poses for visual enjoyment.


Height and weight Height: 166 cm Weight: 32 kg
body size Bust: 82cm Waist: 55cm
Hip: 83cm Foot size: 20cm
3 holes Mouth depth: 13cm Vaginal depth: 18 cm
Box size 150*42*30cm

Notes on cleaning

・When cleaning, please wash with shower and still water. The temperature of Oshaw is suitable below 4 full size silicone girl dolls 0°C and can be washed with soap, show small breast love doll er gel, laundry detergent, dishwashing detergent, and if you are stubborn dirt, you can take it with cleansing oil.
・You can wash the vagina and anus repeatedly with the cleaners provided by the manufacturer; the cleaners are disposable, so you can use the cleaners for everyda male blow up doll homepage y care You can browse and purchase them yourself.
· Care: Wash once for 10-20 days on average, use talcum powder after bathing to prevent oil from sex robot buy coming out and cracking; Give pressure on one side for a long time Then there will be a pressure mark, so you can turn it up and auto free sex sim matically kaifuku it in a few days.
・When wiping water, do not life size silicone girl dolls for sale apply too much force, wipe gently.


T166 B98 W62 H109 B Cup

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T165 B98 W62 H109 C cup

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T170 B98 W62 H109 Super sex cyborg Breast

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T165 B98 W62 H109 F cup

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Iwata Sakura

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T161 B88 W55 H86 H Cup

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T161 B88 W55 H86 G Cup

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ASO Haruyo

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Returns and exchanges

We accept returns and exchanges

Regarding the quality, etc., but i robot family member f you are “different from the application product” or “the cheap male blow up doll product has scratches or dirt”, please contact us within 2 wm silicone girl dolls europe days after the arrival of the product. We accept an exchange or male blow up doll for sale return.

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Acceptance possible

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